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Moving without protection is just a bad RECIPE for DISASTER.   That is why At AME Movers we offer protection.  Because at the end of the day we all need a little Piece of Mind.


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We believe the biggest concern for most people is what if something gets broken. At AME Movers we have thought long and hard over this. Although it is rare that things get broken the reality is things sometimes get broken. That is why we offer our $1000 AME Damage Protection Plan.

Did you know that by law all that a moving company has to offer is $0.60 per pound for broken items. So if you have a $500 TV that weighs 20 lbs, by law the damages to be paid out is $12.00. Click here to see more information. While many companies hold strictly to that standard, we at AME Movers believe in a higher standard.

We offer a $1,000 protection plan that is included in our hourly rate at no extra charge. That means if we break your TV we will give you market value for it up to $1000. This is not limited on TV’s but most furniture. Our protection plan pays out fast, normally less than 2 weeks and don’t have the extensive hoops to jump through like other companies. For more details of our Damage Coverage Protection Plan please look below at our Damage Protection FAQ section.

Damage Protection FAQ

Do I need to do anything to qualify for this plan?

 This plan is only offered to those who use for the entire move and want the White Glove service. Using us for the entire move means we handle everything from the loading of your belongings from your home, driving them, and unloading them.

This plan does not protect you if we are moving your belongings from storage.  The reason for this is because we are not the ones handling you furniture from A-Z. It is hard to determine when and were the furniture is damaged when it comes from storage. It could have been damaged from the previous movers putting it into the storage or it could have been damaged from the elements while in storage.

As a customer you have the option to use our White Glove service. This service is when we pad everything inside the home and then plastic wrap it. While this is the best way to insure that nothing is damaged, it is also one of the most time consuming part of the move. If you would rather us put a blanket over your furniture while in the truck, we can absolutely do this. This is the fastest and cheapest way to move; however, you will have to sign a waiver declining the White Glove service and forgoing the $1000 Damage Protection Plan.

What if something cost more than $1000 and is broken?

At AME Movers we have very experienced movers handling your belongings.  We still want to offer you some piece of mind and that is why we offer our $1000.00 protection plan.  This plan covers more than 99% of moves.  In the off chance that you are experiencing a claim higher then that, then we will have to stick to the $0.60 per pound or market value of $1000.00 which ever is higher.

For instance if you had an antique table weighting 100 lbs and it’s market value is $1500.00, if it were to break under our care, we will give you $1000.00.  While most companies will give you the weight value of $60.00, we will give you the market value up to our $1000.00 limit.

There are other ways to protect yourself during a move.  There are third party insurance plans that you can buy to insure your move.  Be sure to read every policy over as some don’t cover as much as others.  As well as third party insurance plans, if you have home owners insurance, you can check with your policy holder to see if it covers moves.  In some circumstances it does.

In the case that you do have to file a claim with a 3rd party insurance, we will still payout under this plan up to the $1000.00.

How Does the claim process work?

While the majority of the time we will know when we break something, there are time we won’t.  For instance a TV is cracked.  In most of these circumstances we won’t know that this happened until it is plugged in.

In the case that we know about it, we will inform you, take pictures, do a report, and give that information to the home office.  In the cases that we don’t know and is discovered by the you, you can clink HERE and it will bring you to a damage form that you will need to fill out.  If you have issues with the form, please call or email us and we can step you through the process.

In most cases the process take about 2 weeks to pay out.  This is much faster than state laws which gives moving companies over 12 weeks to payout.

How long do I have to make a claim?

At AME Movers we give the maximum time that the law allows for you to make a claim before it can be denied which is 90 days.  After 90 days all claims will be denied.  This helps insure us of any fraudulent claims.

Is there anything not covered under your damage protection plan?

Most things are covered under this plan.  Two major things that will void this plan is if we don’t handle the entire move and you don’t want us to pad and plastic wrap all of your belongings.  Please look at “Do I need to do anything to qualify for this plan?” for more information on this.

Things that are NOT covered:

Boxes that AME Movers did not pack – If we didn’t pack it, it can’t be covered under this plan.  We will honor the $0.60 pounds per on all boxes that were not packed by us.

Particle Board Furniture – We at AME Movers do everything within our power to insure nothing is damaged; however, due to the very nature of particle board furniture it is not covered under this plan.  Moving can be very hard on this particular product and can be damaged very easily.  We have many years of moving this type of product and have for the most part done so very successfully.  Still because of its flawed design we only offer $0.60 per pound for this type of furniture.

Lost and Missing Items – At the end of every move we will unload all items.  We will then inspect the truck to make sure nothing has been left on it.  After everything is unloaded we will sweep, fold blankets, and put tools back in truck.  Most of the times when something is missing it will be found within the home.  Sometimes pieces or boxes get put in a place that hasn’t been checked.  If you ever do have something missing, please let us know and we will do the best to recall were we may have put it.





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