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Everything you want to know but forgotten to ask.

Pricing Questoins

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

At AME we never charge a deposit or charge for cancellation.  We do ask that if you do need to cancel, please do so as soon as you know that you will need to.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, all major credit cards except American Express, and checks.

When does AME collect payment?

AME will collect payment after the job is complete.

Tipping Questions

Do you accept tips?

We love tips.  Our teams work extra hard to insure that they keep your things safe, move fast to keep cost down, and move smart  to keep do both keep your things safe and to keep cost down.   If your moving team has done a great job, tipping is always a great way to tell them that.  Tipping is not expected but always appreciated.

How much should you tip?

Standard tipping in the moving industy is around 15% of the overall cost of the job.   
However, don’t let that discourage you if you would like to tip but you don’t want to tip that much.  To the opposit point, if you receive amazing service and would like to tip more please feel free to.  We never anticipate a tip but are always greatful for them.

Can I Tip in cash and who do I give it to?

Cash is always the best way to tip.  If you don’t have access to cash you can always added it to the check or credit card payment and it will be distributed to the movers.

As far as who to give the tip to, we recommend giving it to the lead mover who will be accepting payment for the move.  If you would like to thank the movers individually, by all means you can do that and tip them individually.

What if I can't tip?

We never expect tips but they are always appreciated.  If you find yourself in a position where you cannot tip, that is not a problem.  We always ask that if you received great service to please leave us a review to show others what kind of service you received. 

General questions

Why AME Movers?

At AME we never want to talk bad about our competition but we love to talk about ourself.  We don’t view our job as moving “stuff” but rather moving people and families. We take care of you like we would our own family, because isn’t that how everyone deserves to be treated.   We love the challenge of hard work and high expectations, because when we meet those standards we did our job.

How Long Does It Take To Move?

There are too many factors that can determine how long a move might take.

Some factors are:
Size of the House
Distance from truck to the front door
Any outdoor furniture or grills
Is there a garage or shed
Do you have large furniture

With that being said you can get an estimate by going to your locations page and clicking the Get an Estimate button.

How much time in advance do customers need to book moves?

The best time to start looking for a moving company is imediately when you know you will be moving.  This will give the greatest chance of getting the date you desire.  We at AME Movers don’t recommend booking any later than 2 weeks.  Once you get to the 2 week mark many days within that time period begans to book fast.  There is no deposit and there is no fee for rescheduling.  We do that at AME so you can book with confidence.

How can I as a customer save money on my move?

Since we charge by the hour, many customers want to know if they can do anything to help the job go faster.  There are a few things you can do.

Disassemble all furniture
Have everything in boxes & clearly labeled to assigned room
Have kids and pets out of the main areas

Can I As A Customers Help During the Move?

We know that you will be tempted to help us out…and we appreciate that.  Because of liability purposes, you can help with anything except, getting on the box truck, using any of our equipment and lifting any furniture or boxes with a mover.  We know you are capable but we love to show off. We are professionals and we want to give you the day off to relax. Enjoy moving into your new place stress free.

Does AME Work Weekends?

Do stressful, frustrating, and painful moves take the weekends off…then neither do we.  Yes our team works all Saturdays and only Sundays if it is needed.

What if AME arrives late?

We try and make sure that we have a schedule that fits everyone’s needs.  In doing so there are times that one move goes over into another move.  If that happens we give an extra prorated 5% off of your move for every hour we are late.  For example if we are late 2 hours you will get (5% X 2 hours = 10%) 10% off your final bill.  The maximum discount under this plan is $100.

Do I need to pack my clothes in dressers?

You do not need to pack the clothes in the dressers; however, we do recommend anything other than clothes be packed.  We will securely wrap your dresser with padding and plastic wrap.  This will keep everything in place to be moved all at once.

Can you move… 

Can AME move all household products?

We can move almost all household products but there is a short list of things that we don’t move or HIGHLY recommend moving yourself.

Things we highly recommend moving yourself:

Drugs (legal or illegal) – we will not move illegal drugs and we ask that you take that any prescription drugs in your own personal vehicle.

Valuables – this includes jewelry, cash, cash equivalents, important financial documents.

Things we will not take:

Pets – for the safety of the pet we can not move them.

Potted Plants – we can not move them over a 150 mile radius.  You need a special license to move them any further.

Anything Illegal – we will not transport anything that is illegal.

Weapons – this also includes ammunition.

Hazardous Materials – this includes paint thinners, paint, and aerosol cans.

Flammables – this includes oxygen tanks, lighter fluids, charcoal, and any gas powered engines.

Liquids – this includes soaps, bleach, alcohol.

Corrosives – this includes muriatic acid, nitric acid and batteries with acid.

Perishable Foods – things includes frozen foods or anything that can spoil during the move.

If you have any questions about something you want moved, please give us a call.

Does AME Move Pool Tables?

We can move pretty much any household item.  Pool Tables needs to be completely disassembled before we can move it. We, however, do not disassemble or reassemble Pool Tables.  If you want someone to else to do the assembly and disassembly, then yes we can move it.

Does AME Move Hot Tubs?

Hot tubs are something that we do not move

Do AME Move Houses?

We move household goods.  If you are needing your mobile home moved, you will need to call a different professional for that.

Does AME Move Items In/Out Of The Attic?

Because of safety concerns, we can not get into attics.